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Are You Using Your Data Effectively?

Posted by Spork Solutions on Jul 14, 2017 6:00:00 AM

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If you're in business, you also in the business of collecting data. Every website visitor, every transaction, every conversation is a data point. They questions are no longer centered around how to collect data, but rather, are we using the data we have effectively? In this short video, one of our co-founders, Ryan Shelley, shares how we at Spôrk look at data and how we are helping businesses use it more effectively. 




Video Transcript: 

As a marketer, one of the biggest issues that I was running into was, "how do I use this data that we are collecting in an effective way?" I would write blogs, I would create ads, and I would do a lot just with my feelings and using artistic intuition. I would try to develop campaigns that I really felt were going to make an impact. And I had some good signs and I was understanding who the customers were and who they were speaking to. But I didn't really know how to show them the results, based on real data.

When I started to explore the power behind this data, it really opened my eyes to the potential. And over the past nine years, I've been on a path to find the best way to really show my customers what's going on on the back ends of their sites, what's happening when they're users are interacting with them, and things that we can do to change to better serve their audience.

Data, a lot of times, gets this connotation of being stale and static. "Oh, data, that's just a bunch of math and doesn't really mean anything." But the reality is, is behind every one of those numbers, is a human being. It's somebody taking an action.

So what we're trying to do at Spork is trying to understand what people are doing. How they're performing. And ways that we can really change, whether it be a marketing strategy, a business model, the way a doctor interacts with a patient and really use that data to make the interactions more human again. To bring back the relationships.

When I started doing this through my marketing, the results were absolutely amazing. Now, it takes time. Because you've got to build on it. Because relationships take time to build. But as I continue to tweak and optimize based on the people who were coming to my site, I saw my conversion rates go through the roof.

And now I'm able to take what I've learned, in real time, and apply that to my customer on a case-by-case study. Getting to know their client base. Understanding their data at another level and then wrapping a strategy around what matters to them.

At Spork, that's our whole goal, is to help you understand your data. To build a strategy that's going to work for you. Then we want to partner alongside you to make sure that you see the results, tweaking as we go.

Think of the lean startup model, but for every business. Being able to shift fast, being able to tweak, being able to see what's working, and being able to know what the numbers actually mean and how you can apply them to your everyday business.

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We started just like many of our clients not knowing how to understand the data we were collecting.  Once we figured out how to view the data we were collecting, we knew we could help develop the story and put our intelligence to work. Many of our clients had the same issue with data and we stepped in to fill the gap.

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