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We Take Risks, and We Do Projects.

Posted by Josh Jackson on Jul 20, 2017 1:21:21 PM
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Why?  Have you ever thought, “There has to be a better way?”  What about, “let’s just give it a try?”

We started Spôrk Solutions because we see the utility in the model of just try it.

We pivot fast, but that is a matter of complexity of the project.

Here is an example of a pivot we made; to choose an edge that fits with our culture and brand, “easy or hard.”

The ‘easy’ edge was finding a software solution and selling the snot out of it - That wasn’t for us because that edge didn’t fit our brand.  We wanted to do what was hard – create customer success by being software agnostic and helping teach data analytics.

People always ask “what software tool are you selling?”  I say, “we take risks, and we do projects.  We don’t sell software.  We make real connections with people.” 

Yes, we can get you software that works for you, but the most important part, and the hardest part, after you find out what needs to change is what do you do with that data.

That is why we want to move as fast as possible to give something a try and work on a project that has never been done before.  Maybe parts of the project have been done before, but we need to start somewhere.

Here is a quote about projects, and why they are important for any organization:

Projects are open-ended, chosen, and ours.  Working on a project opens the door to possibility. Projects are about better, about new frontiers, about making change happen.  When in doubt, dare.

To summarize, here is what we know – as organizations, we need to keep analyzing the data and putting it out on the market.

I am not talking about just zeros and ones – though they are important. 

People are a metrics too.  Interacting with people and collecting the ‘people data’ is just as important.

Here is another hard edge, you have to be willing to listen and ask the right questions.  When you do listen, analyze, and ask the right questions, you get closer to your customer and the change you want to make. 

So, start here: Interact with people based on their behaviors, values, believes, and their assertions. 

After we find all of that out, "how do they want to change?"  Do they want to change?

The first step in the process is making sure you know “what is it for?” and “who is it for?”

I know why I am here – to take risks, have a posture of forward-motion, inspire change, and be an impresario.

Why are you here? What data have you collected and see a need for real change?

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We started just like many of our clients not knowing how to understand the data we were collecting.  Once we figured out how to view the data we were collecting, we knew we could help develop the story and put our intelligence to work. Many of our clients had the same issue with data and we stepped in to fill the gap.

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